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Jonathan DeJean - FOUNDER

Jonathan, founder of Krewe Fitness, is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with a deep-rooted passion for fitness. His journey began at LSU as a member and captain of the rowing team, a role he extended into coaching post-graduation. Jonathan has always had a natural inclination towards coaching and aiding others in their fitness endeavors, and it was his experience with functional fitness classes that solidified his desire to be a part of this vibrant community.

What Jonathan cherishes most is helping his clients overcome challenges and achieve breakthroughs. He finds great satisfaction in seeing the positive impact of his guidance on someone’s fitness journey. Understanding that fitness is not a “one-size-fits-all” endeavor, he takes pleasure in assisting individuals to reach their unique goals. His approach emphasizes the importance of personalized coaching and the joy of seeing members succeed.

OUR coaches

Heidi Sherman

Head Coach, Leadership Team

Heidi's journey in the fitness world, starting in 2009, showcases her talent in nurturing both athletes and coaches, complemented by her passion for art and the outdoors. Her approach to training is grounded in the philosophy that a blend of humility and bravery can lead to remarkable achievements.

In terms of qualifications, Heidi is well-versed in various aspects of fitness, holding certifications in personal training, endurance, advanced group functional fitness, mobility, gymnastics, weightlifting, yoga, and adaptive training. Beyond her professional pursuits, Heidi embraces an adventurous lifestyle, living full-time in her tiny home on wheels named ‘Vagus the Van’. Accompanying her in this journey are her beloved canine companions, previously including Gladys and Greta, and currently the ‘best boy’, Coach. Her unique living situation and love for dogs reflect her adventurous spirit and commitment to a life less ordinary.

Curt Flournoy

Coach, Leadership Team

Curt brings a decade of experience in functional fitness, having spent eight of those years as a coach with CF-L2 certification. His passion lies in aiding others, particularly in witnessing their transformations and achievements beyond their expectations.

Outside of his professional life, Curt enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two children. Curt loves coaching movements in the front rack position, with barbell cleans being a favorite. Additionally, he’s accomplished the remarkable feat of completing marathons on two different continents, showcasing his dedication to fitness and endurance.

Tiffany Wolfson

Coach, Leadership Team

Tiffany, with five years of coaching experience, holds an array of certifications including CF Level 1, 200-hour registered yoga teacher (RYT), ATA Adaptive & Inclusive Certification, and as a Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach.

Embracing a philosophy that fitness is for everyone, Tiffany employs a warm and nurturing approach, especially enjoying working with beginners.

In addition to her coaching credentials, Tiffany is passionate about her “Mom & Me Postpartum Return to Fitness” program, designed specifically for new moms. This program is close to her heart as she navigates her own journey as a new mother. Her dedication to helping new moms regain their fitness and confidence postpartum demonstrates her commitment to inclusive and empathetic coaching. Tiffany’s love for animals is another notable aspect of her personality, evident in her ability to identify any cat breed and her unique tattoo of her cat’s face on her arm.

Maria Sylvester Terry

Head Dietician, Leadership Team

Maria Sylvester Terry, with a Master of Science in Nutrition, is a registered and licensed dietitian, certified yoga teacher, and a self-proclaimed 'certified hype woman.'

Her approach to nutrition is centered around reducing stress and restrictive mindsets, instead focusing on energy, confidence, and sustainable habit changes. She believes in the power of small, incremental changes rather than striving for perfection. Previously an English teacher and school administrator, Maria shifted her career to educate others about food. She specializes in performance nutrition, disordered eating, muscle gain, managing chronic conditions like diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure issues, as well as hormone health. Her favorite workout is Cali Bear, aligning with her dynamic and energizing approach to fitness and health.

Ricio Fruge


Ricio has been on his coaching journey for five years, a path he embarked on after engaging in a range of sports like baseball, basketball, football, and bodybuilding. His background in music adds a unique dimension to his coaching style, particularly in how he assists members in enhancing their strength and mobility.

Ricio is especially known for bringing an infectious energy to the gym during big lift days, inspiring and motivating members to safely push their limits. In his leisure time, he enjoys the thrill of riding bikes, which complements his dynamic and energetic approach to fitness and life.

Emley Kerry


Coach Emley has been an integral part of the Krewe Fitness coaching team since 2018, bringing a rich background in fitness with certifications in TRX, Schwinn, Yoga, CrossFit, and ACE CPT. Her experience extends beyond Krewe Fitness, as she has coached in various group fitness and personal training studios, showcasing her versatility in the fitness domain.

Emley’s coaching philosophy centers around a mindful approach to movement, seamlessly blending fun into her training sessions. She emphasizes keeping the atmosphere light while introducing innovative cues and perspectives on exercises and movements.

A unique aspect of Emley’s personality is her passion for costuming, especially for New Orleans events. Her enthusiasm is evidenced by her impressive full-sized costume closet, highlighting a creative and vibrant side to her character outside the gym.

Josh Serean


Josh's fitness journey began as a 13-year-old, working through his own challenges with weight to build strength and self-confidence. This personal transformation sparked his passion for helping others, leading him to start his career as a personal trainer in 2010.

He has since evolved into a physical therapist assistant, dedicated to helping individuals rehabilitate from injuries and regain an active lifestyle.

His expertise is backed by numerous certifications, including NASM since 2010, CF Level 1, USA Weightlifting (USAW), TRX, Smart Tool Blood Flow Restriction, and Functional Movement Screen. Josh’s coaching approach is focused on his love for lifting heavy weights and enabling others to lift even heavier, fostering a sense of strength and empowerment in his training.

In addition to his professional credentials, Josh demonstrates his commitment by coaching early morning 5 and 6 am classes, bringing energy and enthusiasm to those who start their day with fitness. Alongside his coaching, he enjoys hobbies like cooking and woodworking, reflecting his creative and hands-on skills that extend beyond the gym.

Sean Schmidt


Sean brings over a decade of experience to his role as a fitness coach, having coached high school baseball for over 10 years in New Orleans and working in group and private fitness for 12 years. His qualifications include CF Level 1 and Level II, CF Kids, and CF Gymnastics certifications.

Sean’s coaching philosophy is centered on a collaborative, continuous improvement approach, emphasizing the importance of quality coaching and smart movement. Apart from his role at Krewe, he is the head baseball coach at Ecole Classique in Metairie and co-founder of The River Beats Digital Group, a multimedia company in NOLA and Denver. He is a passionate fan of festivals, live shows, and sports, supporting teams like the Yankees, Saints, and LSU. His advice for newcomers at Krewe is to start slow and stay consistent. Sean particularly enjoys coaching barbell exercises, with snatching and overhead squats being his favorites, and he places a strong emphasis on workout preparation, including pacing, scaling, stimulus, and goal-setting.

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