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“I found Krewe du Crossfit in August 2019 when they first opened through a friend. I had zero prior experience, I was always the person who snubbed my nose at Crossfit (because I didn’t understand it). I did a free week trial and signed up quickly – my mind was changed after one class. The coaches at Krewe du Crossfit take the time to make sure you are doing every movement right so you don’t injure yourself, which is critical for a new lifter like me. They are with you every step of the way through every class, giving advice or telling you the weight you are trying to lift is too heavy (which I need). I signed up in August with the initial goal of getting stronger. I had lost a substantial amount of weight on my own and really wanted to firm up my upper body and tone. Not only do I see the change in my arms and ability to lift heavy weights, I’ve lost an additional 12 pounds since joining. The community atmosphere of Krewe du Crossfit is perfect for anyone looking to join a “family.” They cheer you on, build you up when you’re frustrated and help you achieve your goals. I am so thankful I heard about the krewe from my friend Melissa – they’ve truly impacted my life for the better and I will be a longtime member!”

Sara Tweedy’s story

“Several years ago, I was diagnosed with bone loss in my hips and my spine. It progressively got worse, and I was on the verge of osteoporosis. I started working out with weights and taking vitamin D. I had heard so many nightmare stories about prescription medications for bone loss, and did not wanna go down that road. Today, I received a call from my doctor that my bone scan was completely normal… Not osteopenia… Normal. I don’t even have to go back for another scan for five years instead of two!
I have to directly give credit to my coaches for getting me here and for this crew we call Krewe! The challenges, the workouts, the competitions, and nutrition aspect all create this big picture for us. I would never have stuck with it had it not been for this group. Thank you Krewe!”

Regina Valenti’s story

“I spend half the time in the gym than I used to- and I’m fitter than I ever was in my twenties”

mikey’s story

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